Hello Travel Friends and welcome to my blog!

What will you find here?  That is an excellent question.  I will comment and link on some of the travel articles I find interesting.  I’ll post some of my own tips or tips from others that I have found useful, and maybe most importantly to you, I’ll post a lot of the deals that get sent to me. 

Whether you are looking to travel soon, or just want to dream, I’m sure you’ll find something here to interest you.  And of course, if you are looking to travel somewhere, let me know, and I’ll help you out.


Carrie Kuehl is a travel professional with a love of researching and exploring new locals, and an extreme passion for Walt Disney World. Besides a travel professional, Carrie is also a wife, mother and a Mary Kay Consultant.



  1. Wonderful website. Blogging is fun and also cool!

  2. Woot!!!
    Looking forward to coming here often for ideas and tips. Congrats!! You are now bookmarked!

  3. Hey Carrie, I love the name and the site too! Congratulations:)

  4. Query–Have you ever used (or needed to use) Sea-Bands (the motion sickness wrist thingys)? Having never gone on a cruise, I’m not sure how much the boat “moves”. I’m usually fine but Suzanne gets motion wonky.

    • I am a better safe then sorry person – especially on something like a cruise. There are some people who SWEAR by the band. Others, love the Scopolamine patches.

      The trick they say, is to make sure you have used whatever you are going to use 2 hours before you board the boat.

      If Suzanne would prefer not to have to take any medication, I would say go with the band. But I would also still stop by my physician and pick up the patch to, so if the band isn’t working, I can slap on a patch.

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